Review Movies Shaun Of The Dead


Shaun Of The Dead is a Idn Sports Comedy and Horror film released in 2004 and directed by Edgar Wright. Meanwhile, the script for Shaun of the Dead was written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

Shaun of the Dead tells of a man named Shaun who must save his loved ones from zombies.

The cast of Shaun of the Dead includes Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, and Dylan Moran. Rogue Pictures, StudioCanal, and Working Title Films became the production companies for Shaun of the Dead.

The 99-minute film cost GBP 4,000,000 to produce and made a profit of $ 30,076,102.

Shaun of the Dead uses English and French. The film won Best Horror Film from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

On IMDb, Shaun of the Dead received a rating of 7.9.

While at Rotten Tomatoes, this film won a rating of 93%.

From the rating alone, you can see how exciting and good this Shaun Of The Dead film is, right? So if you are still curious, you can continue reading down so you can find various interesting references from the film so that it can be an option for movies to watch.

Synopsis Movie Shaun Of The Dead

So before entering into the review for the movie Shaun Of The Dead, let’s first look at a little synopsis or storyline of this film. So that it can help you understand a little plot of this story.

The film Shaun Of The Dead starts at The Winchester, a traditional club in London. Shaun (Simon Pegg), and his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) and the two named David (Dylan Moran) and Dianne (Lucy Davis) socialize when Ed (Nick Frost) is overweight and foul-mouthed playing on slot machines.

Liz tries to encourage Shaun to strengthen their relationship and is more adventurous, than just reminiscing about the pub and hanging out with Ed. Liz reminds Shaun how he hasn’t even met his mother, even though they’ve been together for over two years. The scene ends with Shaun staring blankly at the camera, a worried expression on his face.

Inside his house, Shaun wakes up and joins Ed in the living room where he joins in a video game on the PlayStation. Ed reminds Shaun that he has to go to work and Shaun begrudgingly goes to get ready. While Shaun is getting ready, his second flat-mate and college buddy Pete confronts him about Ed’s behavior.

Pete is fed up with Ed lounging around all day, freeloading off them and not bothering to find a job. Shaun defends Ed by saying he’s harmless and fun to have around, to which Pete replies “Why? Because he can impersonate an monkey? Fuck-a-doodle-do!”.

Both Pete and Shaun leave for work, with Shaun asking Ed to take down any phone messages (everyone’s, not just his own) that come during the day. Just as Shaun leaves, Liz calls to leave an answerphone message for Shaun, asking him to book their restaurant dinner an hour earlier. Shaun doesn’t hear the message.

The next day or rather the next morning it arrives and Shaun decides to go to the corner shop for a drink, and Cornetto for Ed.

Still dizzy from drinking the night before, Shaun is completely oblivious to the massacre around him: crushed cars, bloodstained floors and windows, corpses lying on the sidewalks and front porches, police sirens and ambulances in the distance, and hordes of zombies flooding the streets.

Back at the apartment, Shaun goes through TV channels, past entertainment channels and news reports about the incident. Ed, out the window, tell me that there’s a girl in their garden.

The next scene opens with several TV shows and reports saying that months have passed since the outbreak, and captive zombies are now used in everyday life, for menial jobs like stacking trolleys (cleaning tables in restaurants, collecting shopping carts, etc.) and used as part of silly game shows.

Shaun wakes up, in a zombie-like manner at the beginning of the film and he shares a flat with Liz, the two of them now a couple again. They plan a peaceful day together. The film ends with Shaun saying he’s going out to the warehouse, where Ed is chained up so they can play video games together.

The Success Factor Of The Movie Shaun Of The Dead

For this movie, it has a very good and precise character selection. If you look at these two Shaun and Ed, they have characteristics that are very suitable to be combined.

Shaun is more serious but still has his own silliness. But for Ed has more ridiculous characteristics compared to Shaun. Indeed, sometimes Ed is annoying and luckily the annoying levels are not too many or still normal.

For Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, they are also able to become a character capable and able to attract laughter from the audience. They both have a scene when they want to save Liz and Shaun’s mother.

I think there is the funniest scene. As well as the dialogue from Shaun at the time forbidding Ed to say the word Zombie, seemed to illustrate that this film shows something different compared to other zombie films.

Other Factors That Make This Movie Success

So this film does not only feature horror scenes like zombies. Interestingly, this film is able to combine comdi, horror and romantic drama into one package. Even from the package, it is not far from perfect. The combination of these three genres looks very maximal.

Overall, this film is definitely entertaining. In matters of making laugh, the characters Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a duo that can make you all laugh until you have stomachaches and even tears.

So this film is highly recommended for you fans of zombie movies with comedy nuances. The point is this film does not only show the horror side such as blood and so on. But this film also gives a funny side so you can forget about the time.

Thank you for stopping by to read this article. Hopefully this little review of the movie Shaun Of The Dead can help you or become a reference when looking for a movie to watch. Enjoy.