Top 5 Comedy Movie By IMDB


Basically, comedy movies will always invite laughter from the audience. However, not all comedy movies can also bring laughter to the audience, because everyone must have a different sense of humor. For example, there is a movie that can make you laugh, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to other people.

If you are looking for entertainment, then you can make comedy movies as the right choice. Why choose to watch comedy movies over other entertainment? If you watch comedy movies, then you just need to sit back at home and be able to enjoy various types of snacks and even drinks as much as you like.

Making a comedy movie is also not an easy matter, such as the reason above that people’s sense of humor must be different. But Hollywood comedy movies always have creativity and high quality so that they can give a funny side to everyone.

Are you curious about the imdb comedy movies? Here is a synopsis of the top 5 comedy movies by imdb.

  • Happiest Season (2020)

Happiest Season is a movie with a romantic comedy genre. This movie also stars famous artists such as Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Dan Levis, and Aubrey Plaza.

Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis) are romantic partners and it is very clear that they love each other. One day before Christmas, Abby reveals to her best friend named John (Dan Levy) that she will propose to her lover.

Even more exciting is that Harper also has a plan for Christmas. Curious ? That Harper will take Abby to meet her parents. It turns out that all this time Harper has never told his parents that he has been in a relationship with Abby.

Upon arriving at her parents’ house, Harper told her parents that Abby was just a good friend. How disappointed Abby felt, but he still respected his lover’s decision.

After that, now their relationship situation is getting more awkward and complicated. One day Harper accidentally runs into his ex-lover named Riley (Aubrey Plaza). In panic, Harper admits that he and Abby are just good friends. (How annoyed Abby).

However, John as his best friend, he decided to disguise himself as Abby’s ex-lover and followed him. John tries to convince Abby that Harper really loves him.

But a sadness will not be relieved if he continues to be lied to by Harper.

  • The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020)

It is a movie with the Adventure, Comedy, Family genre. This movie tells of a mission to save Christmas day.

Kate Pierce (Darby Camp) can’t hide her happiness when she meets Santa Claus (Kurt Russell). At that time, Kate and Jack (Jazhir Bruno) are on vacation with their parents on the beach.

On the way back to the hotel, their car crashed into a time circle. This brings them to the North Pole, where Santa and Mrs. Claus (Goldie Hawn) are busy with Christmas preparations.

It turns out that the arrival of Kate and Jack is a part of Belsnickel (Julian Dennison) evil plan. Belsnickel will steal the stars on the tree belonging to Santa Claus and make everyone forget about Christmas.

Knowing Belsnickel’s plan, Santa asked the help of the Elves to stop Belsnickel’s intention. Kate is also on an adventure with her friends to save Christmas.

  • Fatman (2020)

Fatman is a movie with the genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy. This Fatman movie shows the figure of Santa Claus, played by Mel Gibson.

In this movie, a Santa Claus is being chased by a criminal played by Walton Goggins in the hit comedy movie. If you look at the trailer, this movie can get a high rating.

To save his slumping business, Chris Cringle was also known as a Santa Claus and was forced to partner with the US military. It’s worse that Chris is caught in a deadly battle against an assassin.

The film is starred by Academy Award winner Mel Gibson (Mad Max, Braveheart) as Santa Claus, Walton Goggins (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Justified), and Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Secrets & Lies).

The movie was written and directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride serve as executive producers.

  • Home Alone (1990)

Home Alone is a movie with the Comedy genre, Family. Home Alone also made it to two Oscar nominations for the 1991 Oscar.

103 minutes in length, the Home Alone film stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, and John Heard.

Peter and Kate’s family plans to enjoy a Christmas holiday in Paris with their cousins. However, their youngest son (Kevin) was bullied, especially by his own brother (Buzz).

The night before going to Paris, Kevin broke a ticket to Paris. Then Peter and Kate got angry and kept Kevin up all day in the room. Kevin was annoyed thinking they didn’t love him and never paid attention to him.

The next day, everyone packed up, even they forgot about Kevin who was still in the room. Then Kate realized that Kevin was left behind but they were already on the plane.

Arriving in Paris, Kate also bought a ticket back to Chicago, but the tickets were sold out for the next two days.

But Kevin felt happy that he could be alone at home so he was free to do whatever he wanted. Then the happiness disappeared because there were two thieves who entered his house.

  • Holidate (2020)

Holidate is a movie with the Comedy genre, Romance. This movie was starred by Luke Bracey and Kristen Chenoweth. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

The holiday season is usually one of the happiest moments for some people. This can be a gathering with your family or it can be a time to unwind from your daily activities.

But this does not apply to Sloane (Emma Roberts) who is getting bored with love life. During a visit to his parents’ house during Thanks Giving (Christmas). Sloane is always matched with men who are not his criteria.

One day while he is spending Christmas Eve with his family, Aunt Susan (Kristin Chenoweth) gives him an idea. Susan was also tired of spending vacations without a companion. Finally he asked a man to become his Holidate.

During the holiday season, the two of them will go to a party or a friend’s house as a date. But when the vacation ends, they return to their normal lives without each other.

Those are the top 5 comedy movies by imdb. Don’t forget to take your time to watch one of these movies. This movie will make you laugh and even give you great entertainment.